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   Professional Limousine & Car Rental Services in Shenzhen [16/11/17 06:56AM]   
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   Discover The Chinese Dream in Shenzhen [16/11/17 06:56AM]   
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Thirty-five years ago, Shenzhen, China, was just a fishing village outside of Hong Kong. In 1979, China's Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping designated the city the country's first Special Economic Zone, opening the region up to capitalism and foreign investment to fuel its development.

The incredible transformation from a fishing town to an electronics manufacturing...

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   Weber Shandwick expands Chinese operations to Shenzhen [16/11/17 06:56AM]   
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Weber Shandwick has expanded its presence in China with the opening of an office in Shenzhen. Leo Tang has been appointed the head of Shenzhen and will lead the new office. >>

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   30 Days Group Visa To China [16/11/17 06:56AM]   
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For example: If the visa is issued on January 1, registrants must enter China before January 15th.

As the visa validity is only 30 days and is calculated from the date of issuance of the visa (visa for this is the day of the visa application), you are advised to make your request two or three weeks before starting.Sinon, validity visas may expire before you leave....

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