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   How To make Quick Profits on Bitcoin Price Fluctuation Using CFDS [14/03/18 05:01PM]   
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 with a capital of 1000, you   can trade CFD on bitcoin with 1:5 leverage, this means that when the price of BITCOIN will go down or up your profit will be multiplied by 5X Fold
.For Example in a case that within 24 hours BITCOIN price goes Up or down 3%, then with CFD trading, you will generate a profit of 15% (5X3%). with a capital of  1000.

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   top online gambling portals for US players [14/03/18 02:13PM]   
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If you wish to play your favorite online casino games, Our team of online gaming consultants at live4gambling.com has compiled a selection of the top online gambling portals for US players. The Casinos are ranked based on promotions, bonuses, safety, deposit and withdrawal alternatives, user popularity,...

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   The popularity of Dota 2 has carried over into online betting sites. [14/03/18 02:07PM]   
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ESports are available at all the best betting sites that offer conventional sports wagering.
This review will check out what's on offer to people who want to test their betting strategies, and identify the best sportsbook sites where you can place bets and win real money, with different betting options, sites offer, markets and best odds available.

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   Should The Federal Reserve raise interest rates this year [13/03/18 10:30PM]   
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The Fed seems to be tightening its monetary policy recently: it began to gradually reduce the size of its $ 4.5 trillion balance sheet in October last year. 

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   Fed Officials Encouraging An Interest Rates Increase [07/03/18 02:04PM]   
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Fed officials support a rise in interest rates this year; the market may have underestimated the risk of soaring oil prices.
A Federal Reserve official believes that the current employment situation in the United States, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest...

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