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   McAfee, BitCoin, Dark Web: Freedom Can’t Be Stopped [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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John McAfee predicts Bitcoin will hit one million dollars by 2020.

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   Shock Video: Police Shoot Dog, Force Owner to Cut Off Its Head [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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'This was very traumatic for the kids and I.'

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   Red Cross Demands Branches Remove Crucifixes to Be More Secular [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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'I think it's a storm in a teacup,' one Red Cross official said.

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   Ted Hayes: Whites Must Understand Their Value [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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Racial tension in America solved.

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   Victory: Supreme Court Rules Trump Travel Ban to Go Into Full Effect [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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Massive boost for Trump.

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