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   Profs Call ‘Right-Wing’ Reporting A Form Of ‘Violence’ [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Ignores actual violence committed by Antifa, left-wing extremists.

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   Joy Behar Issues Fake Apology For Fake News [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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The left is backtracking after a false story about Trump/Russia collusion.

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   Morning Joe Hosts Fantasize About Killing Trump And Sending His Family To Prison [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Joe and Mika joked about putting a noose around Trump's neck.

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   Ron Paul Would Be A Peace Envoy To North Korea For President Trump [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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The former Senator discusses Trump's options for dealing with Kim Jong-Un.

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   Kiriakou: ‘Don't Say Anything To FBI w/o Lawyer,’ Don't Get Flynned [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Former CIA analyst touches on the ongoing Mueller investigation.

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