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   White House: Deutsche Bank Subpoena Story Fake News [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Fake report once again top story of the day.

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   Hypocrisy: NYT Runs 3 Pieces In One Day Calling Trump A Bigot [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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Bigot: 'one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance,' according to Webster.

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   The Law School Boom and Bust [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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Student loans were central to the venture's wild growth

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   Germany Offers Migrants $3,500, Housing, & Healthcare To Leave Voluntarily [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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Shock: Germany to carry out deportations

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   Intel: President Trump's Legal Team Is Preparing For Imminent ‘Obstruction Of Justice’ Charge [05/12/17 05:09PM]   
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POTUS is gearing up for a big legal battle with the Deep State.

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