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   Contracts For Difference (CFDs) [28/12/17 08:01AM]   
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Contracts For Difference (CFDs) Every contract is valid for 30 calendar days, from the date the contract was opened. It is easy for people to think there is something morally wrong with CFD providers, or gambling casinos. Martin: I hope I have been of some help to all those who are interested in CFDs as … Continue...

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   aaaa [28/12/17 08:01AM]   
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   Global Stocks Rise, Copper Soars In Thin Holiday Volumes [28/12/17 08:01AM]   
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European stocks are steady in post-Christmas trading if struggling for traction after a mixed session in Asia, amid trading thinned by a holiday-shortened week and ongoing worries about the tech sector; however a strong rally in commodities – including copper and oil – buoyed expectations for a strong 2018 and helped offset tech concerns http://topzone.shopfloorzone.com/2017/12/27/trade-contracts-for-difference-cfds/...

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   To Avoid Liquidation Panic, HNA Assures Deutsche Shareholders It’s A “Long-Term Investor” [28/12/17 08:01AM]   
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Acquisitive Chinese conglomerate HNA is facing a serious liquidity crunch in 2018 as nearly a quarter of its $100 billion in debt comes due. And as Deutsche Bank investors are increasingly worried HNA will dump its stake in the biggest European bank next, the Chinese giant has been forced to calm shareholders nerves to avoid … Continue...

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   US Spy Satellites Catch Chinese Ships Illegally Selling Oil To North Korea [28/12/17 08:01AM]   
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'We need to focus on the fact that the illicit trade started after a UN Security Council resolution in September drastically capped North Korea's imports of refined petroleum products. http://anime-sanctuary.com/blogs/post/22669 http://d-discount.com/blogs/661/2374/contract-for-difference http://myfriendindia.in/blogs/post/17320 http://articles.org/standard-online-share-trading/...

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