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   Trump touts tax vote: ‘This could be a big day for the Stock Market – and YOU!’ [04/12/17 07:52PM]   
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Trump's tweet comes after the Senate voted early Saturday to pass its tax reform legislation

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   Dershowitz: No Case For ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Against Trump [04/12/17 07:52PM]   
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Charge would spark "constitutional crisis".

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   Steinle Defense Attorney Romanticized Illegal Immigrant Felon In Blog Posts [04/12/17 07:52PM]   
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Portrayed Zarate as victim of cruel legal system

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   Antifa Thugs Viciously Beat Liberal For Supporting Free Speech And Nonviolence [04/12/17 07:52PM]   
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Violent leftists ganged up on an innocent man, sending him to the hospital.

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   Graham: ‘Time to Start Moving’ U.S. Military Families Out of South Korea [04/12/17 07:52PM]   
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Republican senator says U.S. "getting close to military conflict" with North Korea

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