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   The Real Reason Behind the “Dollar Shortage”. [09/04/18 01:48PM]   
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  Recently, the Libor-OIS spread has continued to expand, and the ” dollar shortage” has intensified

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   Every Cryptocurrency Transaction is Taxable Under the New Tax Bill [07/04/18 01:23AM]   
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Although both the general public and the crypto community regard bitcoin and altcoins as virtual currencies, the IRS treats them as assets for tax purposes. Therefore, selling, spending and even exchanging crypto for other tokens all likely have first gain implications. Likewise, receiving it as compensation or by other means will be ordinary income. 

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   List of Top Casino Sites With Detailed Reviews [06/04/18 09:43AM]   
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 Here You can find the latest online casino welcome bonuses,  no deposit bonuses, free spins, free cash bonuses, and much more to get the best deal. 

Yes, Live4gambling.com has tons of free casino games for you. You can play...

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   SimpleFX awarded The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform [06/04/18 04:03AM]   
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SimpleFX has recently been awarded The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform for 2018 at the Cryptocurrency World Expo in Berlin.
Read more at fx4uk.com

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   Shenzhen Shangri La-The Ultimate Luxury Hotel [06/04/18 03:25AM]   
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Located in Luohu, Shenzhen Shangri La hotel combines modern Chinese architecture with world-class service to deliver a rich experience like no other hotel in Shenzhen. We’re here to exceed expectations and have fun doing it.

Shangri la Shenzhen is a  5-star deluxe hotel about 0.1 km from from the Luohu Railway Station.On offer of this Shenzhen...

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