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   The Second American Revolution Is Happening Now! What Are You Going To Do' [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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We are living through one of the most important times in history.

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   Does “Feminist” Meryl Streep Still Support Child Rapist & Sex Abuser Roman Polanski' [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Actress decries sex abuse scandal while supporting one of the biggest abusers of all.

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   Genetically Mutated Rats Could be Released in Britain to Tackle Rodent Problem [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Local authorities report 10 percent increase in number of rodents since last year.

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   Supreme Court Takes Up Dispute Over Wedding Cake For Gay Couple [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Trump administration supports Phillips in his argument that he can't be forced to create cake that violates his religious beliefs.

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   SOON: AI to Create Indistinguishable 'False Reality' [06/12/17 10:54AM]   
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Humanity soon won't distinguish reality from simulation

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