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   What To Eat In Shenzhen [16/11/17 06:55AM]   
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Although it is one of the richest cities in China, Actually, Shenzhen has never been famous for its food or restaurants.However, visitors can find any type of restaurant and any price range in Shenzhen.  You can eat Chinese and western style foods in a wide range of restaurants and bars.     
                                                    Shenzhen Night View
Since it is a new city it has no culinary tradition. The population of Shenzhen is a mixture of people from all around China where each province has its own cousin.
Like everyone in China the people in  Shenzhen like tea-drinking, especially in the morning. Hunan an Sichuan provinces have the most popular food which locals eat a lot of. The most famous is the Sichuan hot pot, you should try it. If you like more familiar food beside Indian restaurants, you will find pizza, steak, hamburger and Middle Eastern restaurant which are also popular and have become the favourite restaurant meals in local restaurants.
To help you plan your trip to ShenzhenbusinessGuide.com provides travel information and tips about how to get to Shenzhen, where to shop, what to do, where to eat and more.
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