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   30 Days Group Visa To China [16/11/17 06:56AM]   
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For example: If the visa is issued on January 1, registrants must enter China before January 15th.

As the visa validity is only 30 days and is calculated from the date of issuance of the visa (visa for this is the day of the visa application), you are advised to make your request two or three weeks before starting.Sinon, validity visas may expire before you leave.

The visa holder must enter China before the expiry of the validity of visa and stay there legally and according to the length of stay stated on the visa, calculated from the date of each entry.

Delay of treatment
1 working day (the day of deposit included)
Delivery time
2 days
Necessary documents
1. Electronic Photo:
* blue background Photo
* Photo Limited between 20K-80K, 354 * 472 pixels, JPG
* Put the name and surname as a title picture

2. A list of names of all the travellers of the group.

3. China travel plans with indications of dates and cities for entry and departure for China (contact your travel agent for this document)

4. Photocopies picture or scanned passports * (photo page, a most recent visa from another country). NO PASSPORT APPLICATION!

5. Cheap international electronics plane (return)

6. Contact to receive the visa via DHL (the mandatory mobile number)

* Passport
validity must be at least six months from the date of the request.


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