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   The iVMS-4200 Remote surveillance management system [02/12/17 08:44PM]   
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The iVMS-4200 Remote surveillance management system from Hikivision is an application now being utilized by many locations around the world. As there have been many frequently asked questions concerning the day-to-day operation of the iVMS 4200, Icontrolsystems.com has created a guide to help more easily answer any possible questions or concerns you may have regarding the software, including step-by-step instruction on the processes from starting your software to monitoring your cameras to transferring archived data from the DVR or IP camera to your local hard drive, a flash drive, or disk. The iVMS is a powerful, valuable tool, allowing the networking of several DVRs or NVRs to one viewing screen, and its operation will become a simple matter once you have spent some time with it. Any thoughts or additions or further questions can be directed to icontrolsystems@gmail.com, so that we might work to improve this guide, broaden it, and have it serve as a quick potential resource for any questions you may have concerning the effective operation of your security system in the future.  Initializing the iVMS-4200 PC NVR  Logging in, and the Control Panel From your desktop screen, accessing surveillance system is simple. Begin by finding the icon representing the software on your desktop and double-click on it. In a moment, a dialogue box will appear displaying the same symbol and show the progress of the software installation
Main Features
– Management and viewing interface for IP cameras, IP domes, encoders, DVRs, NVRs, etc.
– Application in local area network and wide area network

– E-map function
– User permission management
– Embedded web server supporting web browsing function
– Friendly user interface providing easy operations
– NTP protocol supported
– HiDDNS, IP Server, PeanutHull and DynDNS for dynamic IP
– Two-way audio and broadcast function
– Search online devices automatically (SADP)
Live View
– Different view modes available in live view and playback
– Standard screen layout: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16, 25, 32, 36, 64;
Widescreen layout: 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 24, 36, 48
– Main/auxiliary screen live view
– Manual recording and picture capture supported
PTZ Control
– Local and remote PTZ control supported
– Control keyboard and USB joystick supported
– Auxiliary focus function
– 3D positioning function
– Remote manual recording supported
– Schedule recording, event recording supported
– Local and remote playback supported
– Up to 16-ch synchronous playback supported
– Instant playback supported
– Event playback supported
Alarm Management
– Camera Linkage for tampering alarm/video loss alarm
– Manually turn on/off alarm output
– PIR alarm, wireless alarm and emergency alarm supported
– Multiple linkage actions supported
Video Wall Display
– Multi-screen display mode supported
– Video wall display for playback supported
– Alarm triggered video wall display supported
– Import and export configuration file
– Log search and backup
Typical Application
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Model iVMS-4200
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7/Windows 2008 (32/64 bit)
Windows 2003/Windows XP(32 bit)
Up to 51 users supported
Encoding Device Up to 256 encoding devices supported
Group Up to 256 groups supported
Channel Up to 64 channels can be imported to each group;
Up to 1024 channels can be imported to all groups
Storage Server Up to 16 storage servers supported
Stream Media Server Up to 16 stream media servers supported
Decoding Device Up to 64 decoding devices supported
Live View Up to 64-ch live view supported at a time
Auxiliary Screen Preview Up to 3 auxiliary screens supported for preview
Playback Up to 16-ch playback supported at a time; Up to 16-ch synchronous playback supported
E-map Up to 256 E-maps can be added
Hot Region Up to 255 hot regions can be added
Hot Spot Up to 64 camera hot spots can be added; Up to 64 alarm input hot spots can be added
PTZ Control Up to 256 presets / 1 pattern / 16 patterns can be added; Each patrol supports up to 32 presets
Download Up to 16-ch downloading supported at a time
Storage Server
User Up to 32 users supported
Record Performance Up to 64-chΧ2Mbps supported at a time
VOD Performance Up to 64-chΧ2Mbps supported at a time
iVMS-4200 Client No limit for the amount of iVMS-4200 connected to the storage server.
Stream Media
Input/output stream Up to 64-ch input video stream supported; Up to 200-ch output video stream supported


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