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    Online Bitcoin CFD Providers [10/05/18 02:48AM]   
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A Bitcoin CFD enables you to trade a contract based on prices in the bitcoin market.
Then, if bitcoin's value drops, the loss in value of your bitcoin portfolio could be balanced out by the profit made on your short bitcoin CFD trade.
Trade a CFD  and hold cash margin with an online CFD provider
Online Contracts for Difference or CFD trading...

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   Every Cryptocurrency Transaction is Taxable Under the New Tax Bill [07/04/18 01:23AM]   
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Although both the general public and the crypto community regard bitcoin and altcoins as virtual currencies, the IRS treats them as assets for tax purposes. Therefore, selling, spending and even exchanging crypto for other tokens all likely have first gain implications. Likewise, receiving it as compensation or by other means will be ordinary income. 

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   How To make Quick Profits on Bitcoin Price Fluctuation Using CFDS [14/03/18 05:01PM]   
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 with a capital of 1000, you   can trade CFD on bitcoin with 1:5 leverage, this means that when the price of BITCOIN will go down or up your profit will be multiplied by 5X Fold
.For Example in a case that within 24 hours BITCOIN price goes Up or down 3%, then with CFD trading, you will generate a profit of 15% (5X3%). with a capital of  1000.

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   Bitcoin Could Replace Banks [07/03/18 09:57AM]   
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Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, on December 12, openly commented on a YouTube video on the future of banking. According to him, he believes that blockchain technology would overthrow banks by replacing traditional banking due to the growth in bitcoin's price experienced this year. The head of state also spoke his...

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   New Technology Will Replace Blockchain [07/03/18 08:10AM]   
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With the meteoric rise in the value of bitcoin this year and the media cacophony around it, it's a surprise that not all world leaders have spoken about the subject yet. One political figure that we can now rest assure is keeping an eye on bitcoin is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It's a storyline with some powerful parallels to the cryptocurrency stories told and...

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