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   Shenzhen Shangri La-The Ultimate Luxury Hotel [06/04/18 03:25AM]   
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Located in Luohu, Shenzhen Shangri La hotel combines modern Chinese architecture with world-class service to deliver a rich experience like no other hotel in Shenzhen. We’re here to exceed expectations and have fun doing it.

Shangri la Shenzhen is a  5-star deluxe hotel about 0.1 km from from the Luohu Railway Station.On offer of this Shenzhen...

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   Electronics Markets in Huaqiangbei District [06/04/18 12:40AM]   
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 Huaqiangbei is one area of Shenzhen you may be especially curious about The district has become near-legendary in the gadget world, and with good reason. 

In Huaqiangbei, you can buy components. Go a little bit further out; people sell circuit boards. A little bit further out, some people manufacture things and attach parts to circuit boards. So you can have...

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   Tips For Doing Business in Shenzhen, China [05/04/18 10:15PM]   
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In Chinese, the development of long-term business relationships is referred to as Guanxi. .

Here are few tips that will help you to get along when doing business in China.
 It is best to maintain calm when dealing with Chinese business people, the most you can do is use kind words, politeness or a faint smile.
–  the questions "Have you eaten?"...

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   Professional Chinese Translation Services in Shenzhen [05/04/18 09:17PM]   
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   Why Shenzhen International UAV Industry Expo is So Important [05/04/18 08:25PM]   
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Chinas role in the market is still and for a while firmly located in the consumer drone area. Due to the prosperous lead of DJI to gain ground in the professional/industrial section, China solicits an essential role in the industrial UAV employment, e.g., to build up know-how and capability for end-to-end solutions. Regarding the applied industry, the agriculture sector...

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