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   Professional Limousine & Car Rental Services in Shenzhen [16/11/17 06:56AM]   
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Whether you are a first or frequent visitor, Shenzhen has so much excitement to offer ? international standard tourist facilities, historical sites, busy streets, non-stop shopping, bar streets, various museums and exciting markets.

Travel Shenzhen by car with a private driver
We have a  rental car fleet with various vehicles. Your rental car with a licensed driver in Shenzhen will help you see what you are going to see and see it all! All our chauffeurs have received strict training in the limo service professionalism. They will offer you the quick and safe limousine service.

Foreigners are not allowed to drive in Shenzhen unless they are foreign permanent residents. They can apply for a Chinese driver?s license, but this is not the preferred option due to extremely hazardous and over-crowded roads. Cars and vans with English speaking drivers are available for rent. This option is suitable for families travelling together or groups of friends who prefer a more customized and private means of transportation.
ShenzhenBusinessGuide.com is a professional  business limousine service and ground transportation provider in Shenzhen, China that provides you professional, courteous drivers to chauffeur you to your Shenzhen destinations quickly, safely and stress-free We offer a range of limousine services, available 24hrs a day, including HK Airport transfer, chauffeured car rental limousine service in Shenzhen downtown, private   guided tours, intercity transfers to and from Hong Kong, executive security services and more. We use only experienced, courteous drivers, many of whom can speak English, to safely deliver you to your destinations promptly using the most efficient routes. >>


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