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   Where to Visit when Travelling to Shenzhen [06/12/17 06:04PM]   
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 Shenzhen has plenty to offer international tourists. Travellers will discover an urban area wealthy in history, food, art and -- with its many unique theme parks 
Splendid China Park
This park, which is next to the China Folk Village, presents the country’s best cultural resources and landmarks (such as the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Great Wall) in miniature in one place. The experience is fascinating and provides the sensation of having seen China in one day.
Lo Wu Shopping Plaza

Luohu Commercial City is an enclosed shopping mall located on the Shenzhen side of the Shenzhen River, right outside the entrance/exit to Luohu Immigration Control Point.The mall is five stories tall and sells a wide range of items, including watches, handbags, clothes, shoes, audio-visual products... More


Famous "Swiss mountain" theme park and resort in Shenzhen. Even if you are not into theme parks, this one is not to be missed. Visually stunning, OCT East has been called the “Universal Studios of China” and offers rides, golf, magic shows, luxury hotels, restaurants, spas, and—believe it or not—a scenic Swiss village. Nobody does theme parks like China! Plan to spend most of your day... More

Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve
 This reserve offers a great antidote to the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen (not to point out the city's many theme parks). Lease a bike or do some parrot watching or just spend time upon the boardwalk admiring the vistas of the city. It is the just nature reserve in an urban middle in all of China.
Dapeng Fortress,

Dapeng Fortress and the 600-year-old ancient city that it shields is one of Shenzhen’s most sacred historical treasures. The fortress was the site of among the critical battles in the country’s famous opium wars. Although it takes a little bit to get to, it’s worth the effort

Dongmen Road 
 Dongmen pedestrian road is an area which composed of a hundred shops and mini stalls where you can find whatever you want ranging from souvenirs, clothing, bags and electronics... All are sold at a meagre price and in sound quality. A lot of food stalls, hawker stalls and restaurant as well as fast food } restaurant available and it is extremely near the Lao Jie place. read more


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