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   Professional Chinese Translation Services in Shenzhen [05/04/18 09:17PM]   
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Shenzhenbusinessguide.com is the specialist in Simplified Chinese to English and English to Simplified Chinese translation services. Shenzhenbusinessguide.com offers high quality, certified translations at very competitive prices. The company have expert translators in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and can also provide accurate, affordable translations in all regional dialects from China and Hong Kong.

The Chinese economy continues to evolve impressively, and its digital sectors are overgrowing. China has approximately 700 million internet users, accounting for half of the total population of the country. With an internet penetration rate of 50.3%, new business opportunities are presenting themselves in the digital sphere; namely eCommerce, Social Media enterprise and online entertainment.

Shenzhenbusinessguide.com can provide, amongst many others, legal, technical, marketing, website, medical, certified, business, financial and personal translation services, in addition to translations for the public sector and certificates. Shenzhenbusinessguide.com's professional Simplified Chinese translation services stretch across a host of varied requirements, 

If you do global business, you know the importance of respecting local culture and customs. While some of your subsidiaries in Shenzhen or clients in Shanghai may speak English fluently, you are limiting your market share if you are not translating materials into Mandarin Chinese. 

The company Founded By Jasmine Wei in 2004. In the very beginning, we focused our business on providing Chinese classes. In 2006, we started offering document translation services. Currently, with a certified court, interpreters,Shenzhenbusinessguide.com is able to provide certified document translation services from and into Chinese, Spanish, and English.

The Chinese translation team translates all types of documents, such as legal, marketing, technical, employee handbooks and more. Our Chinese translation experts work with clients from all various sectors such as Manufacturing, IT, Government, Public Sector and Financial. All of our Chinese translators are professionally qualified, native speakers. Get an instant free quote for professional translation to and from Chinese.

All the translators have been evaluated both for their linguistic skills and their subject-matter expertise. Most have Master's or PhDs, and all possess a minimum of five years’ experience in professional translating. 

Shenzhenbusinessguide.comhas selected the best translation tools in the market to manage terminology accuracy, post-translation checks for QA and proof-reading of Chinese translations efficiently. The Quality and pre-publishing checking procedures in all languages ensure professional translation results. We keep extensive databases that retain the interpretation of phrases and common sayings in Chinese and other words.


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